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Ranikhet the queen of Kumaon hills is situated in Almora District of Uttarakhand at a distance of 84 Kms from its nearest Railways Station, Kathgodam at height of 6000 feet from sea level.

Ranikhet Cantonment Authority was established in 1869 and its officer was called Cantonment Magistrate and his office was known as Cantonment Court, or in local language, Cantonment Kachheri. The Cantonment Board Act was passed by Government of India in 1924. This Act is recently amended by the Cantonment Act (Amended), 2006.

Minutes of Cantonment Committee is available in the Cantonment Board Office since 1869. In 1870 log huts were put up in Ranikhet for accommodation of troops and the first Royal Scouts and Cantonment of the 37th Hampshire Regiment was sent up and worked for making roads, cleaning and leveling the sites for construction of Barracks.

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...According to old history 1056 onward Katuaries and Chand Raja ruled the Almora till 1790. There are two stories as to derivation of the name Ranikhet. One is that the queen of Katuari Raja Dudhan Dev (1180), Padmini selected this place for studies, play and to stay hence it was named as Ranikhet. The other is that it was the place of many battles and was Rankshetra, the battle field. Ranikhet literally means “Queens Fields” Queen is the symbol of Nature, though legend has it that one Katuri queen Padmani of Dwarahat had her fields near Ranikhet Club and established Kumpur or Katyuri Bazar, later-on known as BI Bazar (British Infantry Bazar) or Lal Lirti.

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